Image dimensions

Header images

  • Sized to 1800px w x 500px h at 72 dpi. Note: because the site is responsive the full image is not always visible at every browser window size.
  • All have a gradient at the top of #202125 that fades to zero transparency. In order to make header images blend into the page background use this gradient fade technique.

Other images

Images should be under 180 KB. Recommended ratios:
  • square (768 px × 786 px)
  • and 3:2 ratio (768 px w × 512 px h)

When to use WordPress or Elementor

WordPress is the basic application for the website. Use WordPress to set up your site, add pages, change site structure, etc. Elementor is an editing tool that works with WordPress to add content to pages using blocks of content.

Apply a template

Use a template to use the style of the site in your new pages.

1. In the WordPress dashboard, go to Pages > Add New.

2. In the new page, click the Edit with Elementor button.

3. The page will open for editing with Elementor . To select a template from the page, click on the folder icon, above the text Drag widget here text.

4. The Library opens. The My Templates tab contains templates created for your site. Select the page format you desire. Click Insert to apply the template to the page.